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Meet The Startup Syncing Music To Running, Skiing And — Yes — Sex
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Adaptive Music

Our unique music technology seamlessly adapts a song's tempo between 100-240 BPM's — all without lessening the quality of the song.

This new music format — which integrates a Weav Mixer for designing tracks and a Weav Player SDK that can be embedded into any third party app — allows artists endless possibility in designing how a song should sound, feel, and respond to a listener's movements.

Making an adaptive track starts with our intuitive desktop app, which makes Weaving songs easier than producing a dance remix, as our tools now do 95% of the work.

For listeners, imagine dancing to your favorite song, and keeping things down-tempo, or grooving into double (or triple) time, then effortlessly transition back and forth. It’s music in the palm of your moves.

Simply put? Recorded music has always been static. We’re bringing it to life.


Weav Run

 case study

Weav Run is our first user facing application. Here, we've re-engineered songs so that every time your foot hits the ground, the beat will match your step! Go faster - the songs run with you. Slow down - so will they. Not only does this sound and feel magical, but the benefits for runners are enormous:

  • Running in sync with music is proven to boost endorphins, decrease fatigue and experience of pain.

  • Fine tune your technique and hit your running goals with precise cadence detection, run-tracking, and sharing.

  • Run faster, further, while struggling less!

You can learn more about Weav Run, or experience it yourself:


Weav Platform

 the future is here

Are you interested in using adaptive music?

While fitness is our first vertical, it’s only the beginning. Adaptive music wonderfully compliments a number of thrilling activities.

Potential verticals: extreme sports, dancing, DJ’ing, video gaming, kids games, (yes) love-making, augmented and virtual reality!

Vision: With so much potential, we’ll open up the Weav Player to third-party developers or for device integration, to provide users a variety of experiences with our extensive adaptive music library.  


Weav Team

Meet who makes Weav tick. Tock. And dance.


Elomida Visviki

Creative & Advertising
Publicis & L’Oreál
VP at allergy related NGO
Sold her Redd agency to Leo Burnett


Lars Rasmussen

Google Maps & Wave
Facebook Search & Work
Startup Investor / Advisor
Sold his Where 2 startup to Google 


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